HKS Camshaft FA20 Intake 260/Exhaust 266 Set

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  • SKU 22002-AT005

The HKS Camshaft FA20 IN260/EX266 Set Subaru BRZ 2014-2017 is crafted from the expertise and skills accumulated during competitions like D1 drift and time attack at Tsukuba Circuit. It can be suitable for both naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engine types. Notably, it offers enhanced power output in the high-rpm range. Upgrading with the capacity upgrade kit is highly recommended to ensure optimal performance and ideal valve clearance.


  • High acceleration and pick-up camshafts were completed by meticulous analysis of the stock rocker structure.
  • Cam lobe for the direct injection pump is available so the camshaft can be used the same way as the stock.
  • The valve timing is the knock pin is matched to stock cam, so, there is no need for complicated installation.
  • Since the stock valve piston clearance is narrow, this camshaft kit was developed to be used with the capacity upgrade kit, and the piston recess was redesigned to enable a 0.7mm lift increase without replacing the springs.
Install Instructions:
  • To keep adequate valve clearance, use HKS' piston together.
  • Settings of fuel, ignition, valve timing are required.
  • Check if the valve clearance is adequate.
  • Refer to the factory service manual for installation.
  • Subaru [FA20] (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

    Cam Duration (  °) 255 252 260 266
    Valve Lift (mm) 11.00 11.00 11.70 11.70
    Clearance (mm) 0.13±0.03 0.24±0.03 0.13±0.03 0.24±0.03
    Valve Timing Most Advanced Angle (  °) 82 81 82 81
    Valve Timing Most Retarded Angle (  °) 150 135 150 135
    VVT Variable Angle ( °) 68 54 68 54
    Spring Replacement × ×
    Cam Type Roller Rocker Roller Rocker Roller Rocker Roller Rocker
    High Press. Pump Cam Lobe