HKS Bearing Set R35 Clutch

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  • SKU 27006-AN017

HKS has developed a new Transmission Gear Kit with a Clutch for ultimate power support for R35 GT-R. We have tested over and over in a severe environment with HKS GT1000 spec with slick tires at the circuit for time attack. This is it! The ultimate Transmission Gear and Clutch for the ultimate capability of torque.


CLUTCH PACK: Its ample capacity and straightforward installation will create reliable controllability.

All components improved including the case, enabling an extra disk without reducing plate or disk thickness. This original design provides increased clutch capacity, reducing disk distortion from heat, and a larger piston diameter with 110% more pressing force than stock without modifying oil pressure parts. Internal oil seal pressure resistance increased by 170%, and the thrust needle bearing changed to a ball bearing, providing better support of high RPM for highly tuned engines (8500rpm). The design brings 175% more transmission torque capacity vs stock, 300% more than stock (HKS test data). This bolt-on clutch pack product is built and tested for more than 1000PS and smooth parking performance via optimized material for clutch disk with perfect μ characteristics. We optimized the transmission layout and each plate, enlarging the cog size for improved strength relative to other products. Our steel plates are 3x stronger than stock aluminum, featuring a rigid center and sandwich plate structure plus special steel front cover for stronger bearing support and 100% gear performance.

 The HKS Bearing Set R35 Clutch features a transmission design with increased strength and reliability. Each plate is optimized to a wider cog size, granting greater strength than other products. Constructed with 3x stronger steel than regular aluminum plates, the reinforced center portion and special steel cover provide strong bearing and gear support for consistent performance. We've also refined the gear shape to a micro level to eliminate partial contact and reduce noise. Plus, a special surface processing derived from F1 cars provides enough power to avoid oil film failure. Lastly, the shifting fork boasts a hybrid steel and aluminum construction, plus screw fastenings to reduce press-fit load and ease installation.


  • 2 Bearing DCT
  • 1 Bearing Barrel


  • Nissan GT-R VR38DETT 


  • Bearing kit to use with the transmission. It is recommended to replace every time after disassembly.


  • The kit includes everything from gear, clutch pack, shift folk, sandwich plate, and original bearing. You don't have to take out bearings from the stock part like other gear kits, so it's much easier and safer.
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  • Nissan GT-R [35] (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)