HKS 93-98 Nissan Silvia S14/S15 SR20DET NVCS Step 2 264 Intake Camshaft

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  • SKU 22002-AN026

HKS camshafts are CAD-engineered to promote the greatest possible torque and horsepower growth across a wide powerband. Offering multiple profiles, with different lift & duration characteristics, depending on levels of tuning, HKS camshafts provide great power gains and usability with no substantial reduction of drivability. The higher profiles are suited for higher revs and racing, while HKS camshafts are machined from new billet cores crafted from a high-nickel iron alloy; elections assured to surpass the quality of the OEM units they replace. Installing HKS camshafts is simple as they are designed to be compatible with the standard valve-train components, although HKS high-performance valve springs are recommended, and maybe even required in certain applications.


  • Required parts: Valve Spring Upgrade or Head System STEP2. (Maximum rpm: 8000rpm)
  • If the turbine size is smaller than GT3037S, the STEP1 camshaft is better for all rpm range.
  • Pictures may differ in the actual product


  • Nissan Silvia [S14, S15] (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)


  • Target engine for both STEP2/STEP3 is more than 450ps and the revolution limiter is at 8000rpm/9000rpm.
  • Test result shows it outperforms competitor's products.
  • As shown on the left, the performance is improved from STEP 1 at more than 6,000 - 6,500rpm that is effective for large turbines.
  • CAD-Designed
  • Machined Billet Cores
  • High Nickel Iron Alloy
  • Intake Duration: 264 Deg
  • Intake Lift: 12.0mm