HKS 2020 Toyota Supra GR Dry Carbon Air Intake Box

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  • SKU 70026-AT003

HKS has optimized the engine potential by suppressing intake temperature rise through the use of carbon piping material instead of aluminum--a decision that delays heat transfer. As a result, you can look forward to improved performance, efficiency, responsiveness, and power output.


  • Dry carbon intake pipe uses 3K Weave Prepreg and its looks help to show racing nature of the material
  • Air flow resistance is also reduced by replacing the stock flexible pipe with a carbon piping
  • By replacing the intake pipe from conventional aluminum to carbon fiber, weight is reduced by about 35%
  • It is possible to reduce the weight by about 1kg with just replacing from stock intake system to HKS Racing Suction
  • The special attachment designed exclusively for stock intake shape
  • ⌀100 large intake pipe produces a visual impact and customized feeling in intake system
  • Installing HKS Racing Suction emphasizes back turbine sound once the gas pedal released
  • Utilizing carbon as piping material instead of usually used aluminum helps to delay a heat transfer
  • Confirm the effect in the practical range including stop and go.
  • Toyota GR Supra A90 2019+