HKS Cold Air Intake Box Kit VAB Subaru WRX | STI 2015-2021

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  • SKU 70026-AF005

Highly effective intake system designed for HKS Racing Suction to increase flow of cold and oxygen dense air to the engine. It can reduce intake air temperature for improved combustion, increased power output, and improved throttle response.


  • Developed as a competition upgrade, this item enables absolute separation of the engine compartment from the air filter for dependable constant fresh air supply.
  • The box and duct covers are crafted from carbon fiber and made with a vacuum infusion process, which is nearly as efficient for both lightness and strength as the autoclave method. This product features a 3k twill weave surface to add a stylish touch to the engine bay.
  • The cleaner box is made of fiberglass and individually created by skilled artisans using the hand layup method.
  • The combination of matte carbon and black color make the beautiful engine bay with exotic car vibes.
  • It does not spoil the "open" sports sound that comes from the sound of air rushing into the intake.
  • Compared the intake air temperature using WLTC mode on a chassis dynamometer that can control the room temperature regardless of environmental conditions.
  • While maintaining the intake efficiency of the open type racing suction, the cold air intake can keep the intake air temperature stable and lower than that of the stock air cleaner.
  • Cold air intake will supply cooler air to the turbocharger and greatly contribute to improved and performance.
  • Subaru WRX + STI 2015-2021
  • Cold Air Intake Box only. Required Racing Suction (70020-AF108) for installation.