HKS 2012-2021 FA20 HKS Hipermax R Coilovers

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  • SKU 80310-AT001

Upgrading suspension components is beneficial for vehicle performance, whether driving on or off the road. Coilovers are an effective solution for reducing body roll while cornering at higher speeds and lowering the ride height of a vehicle. Replacing the OEM suspension with a set of aftermarket coilovers is an ideal way to upgrade and optimize performance.

The highly-anticipated HIPERMAX R is the latest version of the acclaimed Hipermax line. Boasting an impeccable blend of comfort, durability and record-breaking performance, this coilover system is equipped with the state-of-the-art features of the Hipermax S complemented with innovative upgrades to enhance your driving experience.

Application: 2012-2021 
Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86

Key Improvements:


New SRF (Super Response Fluid)

  • Provides Improved Damper Control and Viscosity 
  • Better temperature resistance 
  • Improved damping force resulting in better handling characteristics 

LVS (Low Vibration Spring)

  • Achieve unprecedented levels of both driving and ride comfort.
  • Manufactured from 210K Grade high-strength wire rod
  • Allows for a shorter spring and reduced weight
  • Improves Steering Response 

Newly adopted retainer

  • Eliminates the bending load on the spring and absorbs torsion to improve the movement of the damper, enabling the LVS (Low Vibration Spring) to demonstrate its performance in any situation.
  • Reduces Friction 
  • Provides Smoother Dampening
  • Allows dampening axis and spring load lines to align coaxially 

New internal components

Allow for a wide range of settings with a large amount of dial range.

Spring insulators in the front and rear

Make ride-height adjustment easier.


  • 30 steps of rebound adjustment
  • pillow ball upper mounts
  • Low Vibration Springs
  • PNE coating  to combat corrosion
  • 9K/10K Spring rates
  • 2 Year / 40,000Km Warranty 
  • Inverted Shocks
  • Dual PVS adjustment 

 Ride Height Range

  • +19 to -40mm Drop Front
  • +20 to 48mm Drop Rear