GReddy x Bride Zeta4 Bucket FIA Racing Seat - Black/Blue Stitching Silver Shell

SKU: 70723019
$1,495.48 $1,574.19
By GReddy

BRIDE seat models, including full bucket and reclining, have passed rigorous safety tests and for inspection-compatible versions, proof of results is submitted to local transport authorities. Additionally, we offer a range of FIA-certified models for competitive events. Developed with safety technology and driver feedback, BRIDE seats keep drivers safe in both road and circuit environments.


・FRP silver shell
・Seat: Black
・GReddy logo (front and back)
・Uses flame-retardant fabric
・Security standard compliant model
・FIA standard certified model
・LOWMAX system
・Made in Japan
・Weight: Approx. 7.4kg

TRUST CODE: 70723018