GReddy 95-98 S14/S15 Nissan 240SX Trust Intercooler T-24F Kit

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  • SKU 12020210

GReddy Intercooler Kits protect your turbocharged engine when upgrading its performance. Heat reduction by the intercooler allows for a denser air charge to enter the engine, generating more horsepower with the same boost level and even greater power with higher boost levels. Even if your vehicle has a stock intercooler, it often is not designed for factory boost levels, plus they are usually in difficult-to-access areas and quickly become heat-saturated. Greddy Intercooler Kits are made for a range of turbo applications, from normal to high-boost stock setups to extreme boost levels with large turbo upgrades.


  • Compatible with TD06-T67 Turbochargers
  • Battery Relocation or Smaller Unit Required
  • Dimensions: L600mm x H282mm x W66mm
  • Nissan 240SX | Silvia S15 95-02
  • Item Is Special Ordered From Japan, Please Allow For Lead Times Ranging from 6-8 Weeks