GReddy 92-02 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Ver. 2 T-19 V-Mount Full Intercooler Kit

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By GReddy

Designed with drag racing in mind, the GReddy V-mounted Type-19 Intercooler/TWR Radiator combo for the FD3S RX-7 has found success on the track too. Its notable 3row tube and inner-fin air to air core, measuring L400xH266xW100mm, offers great flow and minimal turbo lag. Plus, its HD cast end-tanks and large TWR aluminum radiator (L631xH355xW48) provide efficient cooling. Mounted in the ideal "V" configuration, its air diversion panels direct air from the front bumper opening to the heat exchangers for optimal airflow and cooling.

The GReddy 92-02 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Ver. 2 T-19 V-Mount Full Intercooler Kit has three types of kits, each with different and improved components. The basic kit, p/n 12040703, is designed for vehicles with upgraded turbo(s) and leaves the "hot-pipe" and air intake open for users to customize. The two more advanced kits, p/n 12040704 and 12040705, are made to fit the "Zenki" and "Kouki" models respectively and provide all necessary intercooler piping, "cold-pipe" Type 19 Intercooler, TWR radiator, GReddy Radiator Breather tank, power steering cooler modification, and twin Airinx S air filters. Additionally, these kits feature the iconic GReddy 13B-REW compression pipe.

GReddy Intercooler Kits provide superior performance compared to OE intercoolers. Thanks to their efficient, lightweight tube and fin design, they minimize engine inlet temperatures, resulting in denser air which produces more power at the same boost level. Factories may have stock intercoolers, but their awkward mounting and susceptibility to heat saturation make them ill-suited for increased boost levels.

This high-performance GReddy TW-R Aluminum Radiator features a two-row core that consistently maintains temperatures even with intense conditions. Its heavy-duty aluminum end-tanks have an included pre-drilled, tapped port for installing a JDM 1/8BSP aftermarket temperature probe, such as the GReddy Temp Gauge.

This O.E. style unit incorporates all of the factory mounting, fan shroud, cap and connection points for easy installations.


  • Intercooler: Type 19F core dim: 255x400x100mm
  • Racing Radiator: (R32 size) Aluminum dim 355x631.8x48mm
  • Includes Radiator breather tank, compression tube, 2x turbo elbows, intercooler piping, suction kit with 2x Airinx S
  • for factory turbos


  • Mazda RX-7 1992-2002


  • Ver 1. Before change:
  • Reposition the relay box and install it facing down
  • Ver 2. After change:
  • Reposition the relay box and install it facing up


  • Included A/C Hardline and Bracket will only fit Nippon Denso A/C equipped vehicles from 93-95.
  • Some slight bending may be required.