GReddy 2015+ Honda JW5 SPEC-K (S660) Intercooler Kit

SKU: 12050601
$760.00 $800.00
By GReddy

Introducing the GReddy Intercooler Kit for the 2015+ Honda JW5 SPEC-K (S660). Expertly engineered and rigorously tested, this kit optimizes cooling for maximum performance. Central to the system is the GReddy V-Spec Core; customized to meet the S660's exacting requirements. From piping to brackets, the complete kit comes with all the necessary components for a streamlined installation. In addition to superior cooling, GReddy Intercooler Kits add an aggressive look to your engine bay. The slim build empowers airflow and elevates the overall aesthetic. The GReddy Intercooler Kit is designed to deliver maximum performance and improved fuel efficiency by reducing engine intake temperature. With a slim build that enables greater airflow, the kit is the perfect combination of improved power and sleek styling. Its high-powered components provide the ultimate cooling solution for your Honda JW5 SPEC-K (S660).


  • Honda S660 JW5