GReddy 2007-12 Nissan GTR R35 Intercooler Conversion Kit

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$2,356.00 $2,480.00
By GReddy

Protect your turbo engine car with a Greddy Intercooler Kit when boosting horsepower. Lowering the engine's inlet temps via the intercooler allows a denser air charge to enter the engine for more notable power at the same boost level and better performance at higher boost levels. Even with factory-installed intercoolers, rest assured they rarely optimize performance at factory boost levels, nor are they well-positioned to handle higher boost levels. Greddy Intercooler Kits are specially designed, sized, and fabricated for countless turbo applications--from modified naturally aspirated vehicles using low-medium boost levels to stock turbocharger set-ups with mild-high boosts, even up to extreme boost levels with larger turbo upgrades.


  • For GReddy TD06-20G Turbo Kit and GReddy Pipe Kit
  • Type29F Core Dim: L710 / H302 / W100 mm
  • Compatible with stock frame turbos with use of GReddy suction kit
  • Optional GReddy Washer Tank available
  • Nissan GTR R35 2009-2021
  •  Pipe Kit Sold Separately
  • Photo may differ from actual product