Eibach Wheel Stud M12 x 1.50 x 52mm x14.9 Knurl

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  • SKU S3-0-12-50-52-149

Eibach's M12 x 1.50 x 52mm Wheel Stud is designed for fine-tuning your vehicle's stance and handling with Eibach's precision-engineered PRO-SPACER Hardware. This wheel stud is an essential component for Eibach Pro-Spacer Systems, providing the necessary hardware to enhance the fitment of wheels and tires, resulting in increased track-width and improved styling.

Key Features:

  • Precision-Engineered: The wheel stud is precision-engineered by Eibach to meet the high standards of quality and performance expected from their products.

  • For Use with PRO-SPACER Systems: Specifically designed for use with Eibach Pro-Spacer Systems, this wheel stud is part of the hardware kit that allows for precise fitment of wheels and tires.

  • Fine-Tune Stance and Handling: Eibach's PRO-SPACER wheel spacers are known for providing fine-tuning capabilities to achieve precise fitment, optimizing both the stance and handling of your vehicle.

  • M12 x 1.50 Thread Size: The wheel stud features an M12 thread size with a pitch of 1.50, ensuring compatibility with the corresponding hardware and components.

  • 52mm Length: With a length of 52mm, this wheel stud is designed to accommodate the specific requirements of the application.

  • 14.9mm Knurl: The 14.9mm knurl size is an important specification that contributes to the proper fit and secure engagement with the wheel.

Note: It's crucial to follow Eibach's recommendations and guidelines for fitment and application to ensure compatibility with the intended PRO-SPACER System and to achieve the desired results in terms of both aesthetics and performance. Eibach does not guarantee fitment, height, or warranties on unlisted applications, emphasizing the importance of adherence to their specifications.