Eibach Pro-Kit for Toyota GR Supra A90 1.7 in Front 1.2 in Rear

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  • SKU E10-82-089-01-22

Certainly! Here are the features of Eibach's PRO-KIT:

Features of Eibach PRO-KIT:

  • High Performance Handling: Enhances vehicle handling capabilities for a sportier driving experience.
  • Aggressive Aesthetic Enhancement: Improves the appearance of the vehicle with a lower stance.
  • Lower Center of Gravity: Reduces the vehicle's center of gravity for improved stability and handling.
  • Improved Braking and Cornering: Enables quicker stopping and enhanced cornering ability.
  • Progressive Spring Design: Offers a balance between performance and ride comfort with a progressive spring rate.
  • Million-Mile Warranty: Backed by an extensive warranty for peace of mind.
  • Compatibility: Tested compatibility with factory dampers ensures proper functionality.

Please note the disclaimer that fitment, height, or warranties might not be guaranteed for unlisted applications, so it's advisable to verify compatibility before installation.