Eibach Pro-Kit 21-23 Kia K5 1.6L (FWD)

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  • SKU E10-46-043-01-22

Unleash the full potential of your 21-23 Kia K5 1.6L (FWD) with the Eibach Pro-Kit. This high-performance suspension upgrade is meticulously engineered to deliver an exceptional balance of handling prowess and enhanced appearance, all without compromising the ride quality.

Key Features:

  • High Performance Handling and Aggressive Good Looks: Elevate your driving experience with the perfect blend of high-performance handling and an aggressive aesthetic. The Pro-Kit enhances both the form and function of your Kia K5.

  • Lower Center of Gravity: Achieve improved stability and responsiveness with a lower center of gravity, ensuring optimal handling characteristics on both straight roads and corners.

  • Stop Quicker, Corner Faster: Experience the thrill of quicker stops and faster cornering, enhancing both the safety and performance of your vehicle.

  • Progressive Spring Design: The Pro-Kit features a progressive spring design, providing excellent ride quality by adapting to varying driving conditions. This ensures comfort during daily commuting and responsiveness during spirited driving.

  • Million-Mile Warranty: Drive with confidence knowing that your Pro-Kit is backed by Eibach's Million-Mile Warranty, a testament to the durability and quality of this suspension upgrade.

  • Note: DESIGNED FOR USE WITH OE SHOCKS: The Pro-Kit is specifically designed for use with original equipment shocks, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle's existing suspension components.

  • Note: We do not guarantee fitment, height, or warranties on unlisted applications: Please be aware that while the Pro-Kit is rigorously designed and tested for specific applications, fitment, height, and warranties cannot be guaranteed for unlisted applications.

Upgrade your Kia K5's handling and appearance with the Eibach Pro-Kit, where high performance meets aggressive good looks. Trust in Eibach's legacy of excellence to provide you with an unparalleled driving experience.