Eibach Polaris RS1 Front Sway Bar Kit

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  • SKU E40-209-004-01-10

Enhance the stability and driving experience of your Polaris RS1 with the Eibach UTV Front Sway Bar Kit. Designed with precision engineering, this Anti-Roll Kit reduces body roll, increases grip, and provides a more enjoyable ride on various terrains. Engineered to perfectly complement each PRO-UTV Spring System, this kit includes all necessary mounting hardware and bushings, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

Key Features:

  • Reduced Body Roll: Experience improved stability and reduced body roll through the increased design stiffness of the front sway bar compared to the stock sway bar.

  • Complements PRO-UTV Spring System: The kit is specifically designed to complement each PRO-UTV Spring System, ensuring a harmonious suspension setup.

  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware and Bushings Included: The kit comes complete with all required mounting hardware and bushings for a hassle-free installation.

  • Made in U.S.A.: Manufactured in the United States, the UTV Front Sway Bar Kit adheres to high-quality standards and craftsmanship.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Drive with confidence, knowing that your Eibach UTV Front Sway Bar Kit is backed by a lifetime warranty, highlighting the product's durability.

  • Front Sway Bar is Solid and 2 Way-Adjustable: The solid front sway bar is engineered to be two-way adjustable, allowing for further customization of your vehicle's handling characteristics.

  • Note: We do not guarantee fitment, height, or warranties on unlisted applications: While the Front Sway Bar Kit is designed for specific applications, it's advisable to consult with Eibach or your UTV professional to confirm fitment details, especially for unlisted applications.

Upgrade your Polaris RS1 with the Eibach UTV Front Sway Bar Kit, and enjoy enhanced stability, reduced body roll, and increased grip for an exhilarating off-road adventure. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this kit is a testament to Eibach's commitment to quality and performance.