Eibach Platinum Modified Front Spring

SKU: PF0950.500.0650
$126.00 $140.00
By Eibach

Optimize the performance of your dirt modified racer with the Eibach Platinum Modified Front Spring from the PLATINUM SERIES. These race springs are meticulously engineered using Eibach's proprietary ultra-high tensile strength steel, ensuring the lowest physical weights and maximum spring travel. Designed specifically for dirt modified racing applications, these front springs offer more travel, reduced shear loads, increased energy storage, and enhanced grip in and off the corners.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary Ultra-High Tensile Alloy: Utilizes Eibach's exclusive ultra-high tensile strength steel for superior performance and durability.

  • Designed Specifically for Dirt Modified Racing: Tailored to meet the unique demands of dirt modified racing, providing optimal performance on the track.

  • Increased Travel: The design focuses on increased travel, reducing shear loads, storing more energy, and ultimately delivering enhanced grip in and off the corners.

  • Ultra-Lightweight: Engineered for minimal weight, contributing to increased vehicle response and more usable power transmitted to the ground.

  • Precision Wound to Exact Tolerances: Each Platinum Spring is precision-wound to exact tolerances, ensuring consistency and reliability in performance.

  • Dyno Tested with Graph Results Included: Rigorously tested on a dynamometer, and the test results, in graphical form, are included, showcasing the spring's performance characteristics.

  • Made By Eibach in the U.S.A.: Manufactured with precision and craftsmanship in the United States, adhering to Eibach's high-quality standards.

Elevate your dirt modified racer's performance with the Eibach Platinum Modified Front Spring, a testament to Eibach's commitment to providing racers with the utmost in quality and performance. Gain a competitive edge on the track with these meticulously engineered front springs.