Eibach ERS Platinum Barrel Spring

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  • SKU P1200.2530.0250

Experience the epitome of performance with the Eibach ERS Platinum Barrel Spring, a testament to innovation and precision engineering. This XT Barrel (Extreme Travel) coilover spring utilizes super-high tensile wire to provide racers with unrivaled maximum travel and ultra-lightweight design, setting a new standard in the world of motorsports.

Redesigned Barrel Spring Shape with Increased Suspension Travel and Linearity: The ERS Platinum Barrel Spring features a redesigned barrel spring shape, enhancing suspension travel and linearity. This innovation replaces the XT Barrel counterparts, offering improved performance and handling characteristics. The redesigned shape ensures optimal response and control, allowing racers to push their vehicles to the limit.

Hi-Tensil Platinum Spring Coil Used: Crafted with a Hi-Tensil Platinum Spring Coil, the ERS Platinum Barrel Spring represents the pinnacle of material quality and engineering. This choice of materials ensures durability, resilience, and consistent performance under the demanding conditions of racing.

Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass: Experience heightened handling and responsiveness with the ultra-lightweight design of the ERS Platinum Barrel Spring. The reduction in unsprung mass contributes to improved suspension performance, allowing your vehicle to react more swiftly to changes in terrain and surface conditions.

Each Spring Individually Tested: Eibach's commitment to quality is evident in the individual testing of each ERS Platinum Barrel Spring. Rigorous testing processes ensure that every spring meets the highest standards for performance and durability, delivering consistent and reliable results on the track.

Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights: Achieve maximum travel without sacrificing block heights. The ERS Platinum Barrel Spring is engineered to provide exceptional travel capabilities while maintaining compact block heights. This combination ensures that your suspension system can handle extreme conditions without compromising space.

Elevate your racing experience with the Eibach ERS Platinum Barrel Spring, a true embodiment of Eibach's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new benchmarks in performance.