Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 800 lbs Coil Over Spring

SKU: 0600.250.0800
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By Eibach

Elevate your vehicle's suspension performance with the Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 800 lbs Coilover Spring. As part of Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs, this component is designed with precision tolerances, showcasing legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement. Trusted by racers globally, this coilover spring represents the original standard that sets the benchmark for high-performance suspension.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs are crafted with precision tolerances, ensuring exceptional performance and the legendary consistency trusted by racers worldwide.

  • Full Range of Rates and Sizes: Eibach Coilover Springs offer a comprehensive range of rates and sizes, providing flexibility to tailor your suspension setup to meet specific driving preferences and vehicle specifications.

  • Maximum Travel with Smallest Block Heights: Enjoy maximum suspension travel without compromising on block heights, optimizing both performance and space efficiency.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction: With a focus on reducing unsprung mass, Eibach Coilover Springs are ultra-lightweight. This design feature contributes to improved handling, responsiveness, and overall suspension performance.

  • Individual Testing: Each spring undergoes rigorous individual testing, ensuring consistent quality and performance. This commitment to excellence is a hallmark of Eibach's dedication to delivering top-tier suspension components.

  • Highest Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency: Experience the highest linearity in spring rate and guaranteed consistency, providing confidence in the performance and reliability of your suspension system.

Upgrade your vehicle's suspension with the Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 800 lbs Coilover Spring, where precision meets passion for an unparalleled driving experience.

Note: Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fitment and functionality. Verify compatibility with your specific vehicle and suspension setup based on the provided product details.