Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 725 lbs Coil Over Spring

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By Eibach

Experience legendary performance with the Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 725 lbs Coilover Spring. This STANDARD Coilover Spring by Eibach is meticulously designed to precise tolerances, embodying the brand's legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement. Trusted by racers worldwide, this original spring sets the standard for performance and reliability.

Designed to Precise Tolerances: Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs are crafted to precise tolerances, ensuring a level of quality and performance that has made them the trusted choice of racers around the world. This attention to detail results in exceptional rate consistency, linearity, and measurement accuracy.

Available in a Full Range of Rates and Sizes: Tailor your suspension setup with Eibach Coilover Springs, available in a full range of rates and sizes. Whether you're fine-tuning for track performance or optimizing your ride for the street, the comprehensive selection allows you to find the perfect combination for your specific needs.

Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights: Achieve maximum travel without sacrificing space with Eibach Coilover Springs. Engineered to provide exceptional travel capabilities in combination with the smallest block heights, these springs optimize your suspension system's performance in various driving conditions.

Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass: Experience improved handling and responsiveness with the ultra-lightweight design of Eibach Coilover Springs. Reduced unsprung mass contributes to enhanced suspension performance, allowing your vehicle to react more effectively to changes in terrain and surface conditions.

Each Spring Individually Tested: Eibach's commitment to quality assurance is evident in the individual testing of each coilover spring. Rigorous testing processes ensure that every spring meets the highest standards for performance and durability, delivering consistent results on and off the track.

Highest Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency: Benefit from the highest linearity and guaranteed consistency with Eibach Coilover Springs. The linear response throughout the spring's travel provides precise handling and predictable performance, setting a standard for suspension excellence.

Upgrade your suspension with the Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 725 lbs Coilover Spring and experience the unmatched quality, performance, and consistency that racers worldwide trust. Elevate your driving experience with Eibach's dedication to precision engineering and excellence.