Eibach ERS 6.00 inch L x 2.50 inch dia x 300 lbs Coil Over Spring

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  • SKU 0600.250.0300

Trust the original spring trusted by racers around the world with the Eibach ERS 6.00 inch Length x 2.50 inch Diameter x 300 lbs Coil Over Spring. As part of Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs, these springs are meticulously designed to precise tolerances, showcasing the legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement that racers rely on. Available in a full range of rates and sizes, these coilover springs offer maximum travel while maintaining the smallest block heights.

Key Features:

  • Legendary Consistency and Precision: Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs are renowned for their legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement, providing racers with reliable performance.

  • Available in a Full Range of Rates and Sizes: Choose from a comprehensive range of rates and sizes, allowing for a tailored suspension setup to meet specific racing or performance requirements.

  • Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights: Achieve optimal suspension travel without compromising on block heights, ensuring your vehicle's performance on the track.

  • Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass: These coilover springs are ultra-lightweight, contributing to reduced unsprung mass for improved handling and responsiveness.

  • Each Spring Individually Tested: Prioritize safety and precision with each coilover spring individually tested to meet Eibach's stringent quality standards.

  • Highest Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency: Experience the highest level of linearity in spring performance, coupled with Eibach's guarantee of consistency across their entire product range.

Racers worldwide trust Eibach for their precision-engineered suspension components, and the ERS 6.00 inch Length x 2.50 inch Diameter x 300 lbs Coil Over Spring continues this legacy. Elevate your vehicle's performance with the renowned consistency and precision that comes with choosing Eibach products.