Eibach ERS 6.00 in. Length x 2.25 in. ID 2.00in Block Height XT Barrel Spring Extreme Travel

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  • SKU 0600.2530.0250

Unlock the full potential of your suspension system with the Eibach ERS 6.00 in. Length x 2.25 in. ID 2.00in Block Height XT Barrel Spring, designed for Extreme Travel. Eibach's XT Barrel Springs are crafted with precision and innovation, utilizing super-high tensile wire to deliver maximum travel and ultra-lightweight performance for racers seeking industry-leading results.

Eibach XT Barrel Main Spring: The ERS XT Barrel Spring features an innovative design to maximize travel and reduce weight. The barrel shape of the main spring enhances travel capabilities, allowing your suspension to articulate through a wider range of motion. This design also contributes to a reduction in overall weight, ensuring optimal performance on the track.

Highest Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency: Experience unrivaled linearity and guaranteed consistency with Eibach's XT Barrel Spring. The spring is engineered to provide a linear response throughout its travel, offering precise and predictable handling. Eibach's commitment to quality ensures that each spring meets the highest standards for performance and consistency.

Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass: Designed with a focus on performance, the XT Barrel Spring is ultra-lightweight, contributing to reduced unsprung mass. This weight savings enhances suspension responsiveness, allowing your vehicle to better react to surface imperfections and changes in terrain, ultimately improving overall handling and traction.

Each Spring Individually Tested: Prioritizing quality assurance, each XT Barrel Spring undergoes individual testing to ensure it meets Eibach's rigorous standards for performance and durability. This meticulous testing process guarantees that every spring delivers optimal results on the track.

Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights: Achieve maximum travel without compromising on block heights. The XT Barrel Spring is engineered to provide exceptional travel capabilities while maintaining compact block heights. This combination ensures that your suspension system can handle extreme conditions without sacrificing space.

Enhance your racing experience with the Eibach ERS 6.00 in. Length x 2.25 in. ID 2.00in Block Height XT Barrel Spring for Extreme Travel. Elevate your suspension system with Eibach's dedication to precision engineering, lightweight design, and industry-leading performance.