Eibach ERS 4in Length x 2.5in ID Coil-Over Spring

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  • SKU 0400.250.0300

Certainly! Here are the features of Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs:

  1. Precision Engineering: These springs are meticulously designed to exact tolerances, showcasing Eibach's legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement. They are renowned and trusted by racers worldwide for their reliability and performance.

  2. Full Range of Rates and Sizes: Eibach Coilover Springs are available in a comprehensive range of rates (spring stiffness) and sizes, catering to various applications and suspension setups.

  3. Maximum Travel with Smallest Block Heights: Engineered to provide maximum suspension travel while maintaining minimal block heights. This feature ensures optimal performance and ground clearance, particularly important for demanding driving conditions.

  4. Ultra-Lightweight Design: These springs are crafted to be exceptionally lightweight, contributing to reduced unsprung mass. This reduction can enhance suspension responsiveness and overall handling performance.

  5. Individual Spring Testing: Each spring undergoes individual testing, ensuring quality control and reliability in performance, meeting Eibach's stringent standards.

  6. High Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency: The springs are engineered to offer high linearity, providing predictable and consistent performance across various driving conditions and loads. This consistency is a hallmark of Eibach's manufacturing quality.

In summary, Eibach's STANDARD Coilover Springs are designed with precision engineering, offering a wide range of rates and sizes, maximum travel capabilities with minimal block heights, lightweight construction, and exceptional consistency and reliability. These qualities make them a preferred choice among racers globally for their performance and dependability.