Eibach ERS 3in. Helper Spring (Long Version)

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Enhance your vehicle's suspension performance with the Eibach ERS 3-inch Helper Spring (Long Version). Eibach's Helper Springs are meticulously designed with a flat-wire construction, minimizing interference with the main spring rate and travel. This innovative design ensures that the spring maintains its position at full suspension droop, providing optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Main Spring Retention: The Eibach Helper Spring is engineered to keep the main spring seated, even when the suspension is fully unloaded. This feature is crucial for maintaining proper suspension geometry and performance.

  • Compatibility: Available for most popular spring diameters, these helper springs are designed to complement a wide range of suspension setups, offering versatility for various applications.

  • Individual Testing: Each spring undergoes individual testing, ensuring consistent quality and performance across the entire product range.

  • Flat Spring Wire Design: The flat-wire design not only maximizes travel but also minimizes block height, allowing for efficient use of space while delivering maximum suspension travel.

Elevate your vehicle's suspension dynamics with the Eibach ERS 3-inch Helper Spring (Long Version). Whether you're seeking improved handling or a more aggressive stance, these helper springs are a reliable addition to your suspension system. Trust in Eibach's commitment to quality, precision, and performance.

Note: Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fitment and functionality. Verify compatibility with your specific vehicle and suspension setup based on the provided product details.