Eibach ERS 20in Length 3.75in ID 7.87in Block Height Coilover Spring

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  • SKU 2000.375.0350S

The features of Eibach's rugged Off-Road Springs (ERO) are as follows:

  1. Terrain Versatility: Designed to conquer various terrains with confidence, these springs are specifically crafted for off-road dominance, ensuring reliable performance across challenging landscapes.

  2. 3.75" Inside Diameter Coilover Springs: Available in a comprehensive range of rates (spring stiffness) and lengths to accommodate diverse off-road applications and suspension setups.

  3. Maximum Travel with Small Block Heights: Engineered to offer maximum suspension travel while maintaining minimal block heights, allowing for effective performance in rugged conditions without compromising ground clearance.

  4. Legendary Durability: Built with Eibach's renowned durability, these springs are engineered to withstand harsh off-road environments while delivering consistent and reliable performance over time.

  5. Individual Spring Testing: Each spring undergoes individual testing, ensuring quality control and reliability in performance, meeting Eibach's rigorous standards.

  6. High Linearity and Consistency: These springs are designed to exhibit high linearity, providing predictable and consistent performance across various driving conditions and loads.

In summary, Eibach's Off-Road Springs (ERO) are purpose-built for off-road domination, offering a range of rates and lengths, durability, maximum travel capabilities, and consistent performance. They are engineered to tackle challenging terrains with confidence, providing reliability and performance in demanding off-road situations.