Eibach ERS 2.5in ID Helper Springs

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Optimize your suspension system with the Eibach ERS 2.5in ID Helper Springs. These HELPER Springs by Eibach feature a flat-wire design, minimizing interference with the main spring rate and travel. This design ensures that the helper springs maintain spring position at full suspension droop, providing enhanced performance and control.

Keeps Main Spring Seated When Suspension is Unloaded: Eibach HELPER Springs play a crucial role in keeping the main spring seated when the suspension is unloaded. This prevents the main spring from dislocating or losing its position during moments of full suspension droop, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Available for Most Popular Spring Diameters: Tailor your suspension setup with ease, as Eibach HELPER Springs are available for the most popular spring diameters. This versatility allows you to integrate helper springs seamlessly into your existing suspension system, optimizing performance for your specific vehicle.

Each Spring Individually Tested: Eibach's commitment to quality is evident in the individual testing of each helper spring. Rigorous testing processes ensure that every spring meets the highest standards for performance and durability, providing you with confidence in the reliability of your suspension components.

Flat Spring Wire for Maximum Travel and Minimum Block Height: The flat-wire design of Eibach HELPER Springs is engineered for maximum travel and minimum block height. This design minimizes interference with the main spring rate and travel, allowing for optimal suspension articulation and responsiveness.

Enhance your suspension's performance with the Eibach ERS 2.5in ID Helper Springs. Whether you're navigating challenging terrain or pushing the limits on the track, these helper springs contribute to a more controlled and responsive ride. Elevate your driving experience with Eibach's dedication to precision engineering and innovative suspension solutions.