Eibach ERS 12.00 in. Length x 5.00 in. OD Conventional Rear Spring

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  • SKU 1200.500.0200

Unleash the full potential of your race car with the Eibach ERS 12.00 in. Length x 5.00 in. OD Conventional Rear Spring. Precision-engineered to exacting tolerances, these race springs feature flat-ground end configurations and embody Eibach's legendary consistency in rate, linearity, and measurement.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass: Experience heightened agility and responsiveness with the ultra-lightweight design of Eibach's Conventional Rear Spring. This feature reduces unsprung mass, optimizing suspension dynamics.

  • Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights: Achieve unparalleled suspension travel without sacrificing block heights. The design ensures your race car performs optimally across diverse terrains.

  • Lowest Side Loads with Load Center Ideally Located: Minimize side loads with a strategically located load center relative to the spring axis. This design enhances stability and control during high-performance maneuvers.

  • Precision Tolerances - The Tightest in the Industry: Eibach sets the industry standard with precision tolerances, ensuring each spring meets rigorous quality benchmarks. This commitment to precision results in a reliable and high-performance product.

  • Each Spring Individually Tested and Rated: Prioritize safety and performance with each spring individually tested and rated. This meticulous testing reflects Eibach's dedication to providing a suspension solution that meets the highest standards.

Elevate your race car's performance with the Eibach ERS Conventional Rear Spring. Trust in Eibach's legacy of excellence, where precision engineering, durability, and unmatched quality converge to deliver a suspension solution tailored for the demands of racing.