Eibach Bump Spring Cap (0.50in Shaft)

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Here are the features of Eibach's Bump Spring Hardware:

  1. Locator Cap for Eibach Bump Spring: Specifically designed as a locator cap for Eibach Bump Springs, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with these springs.

  2. Precision Fit Cap System for 1/2 inch (0.5") Damper Shafts: Engineered to provide a precise fit for damper shafts measuring 1/2 inch (0.5") in diameter, ensuring accuracy and secure mounting.

  3. CNC Precision Machined for Accuracy: Manufactured using CNC precision machining techniques, guaranteeing high accuracy and consistent performance, meeting strict quality standards.

  4. Manufactured by Eibach in the U.S.A: Produced in the United States by Eibach, demonstrating a commitment to high-quality manufacturing processes and materials.

  5. Sold in Pairs: Available for purchase in pairs, providing a complete set for installation on both sides of the vehicle, ensuring uniformity and balance in the suspension setup.

In essence, Eibach's Bump Spring Hardware, consisting of locator caps designed for Eibach Bump Springs, offers precise fitment for 1/2 inch damper shafts. With CNC precision machining and being manufactured in the U.S.A., they ensure accuracy, consistency, and performance, sold in pairs for a comprehensive installation.