Eibach Bump Spring - 2.48in L / 1.36in ID / 550 lbs/in

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  • SKU 0275.200.0550

Certainly! Here are the features of Eibach BUMP-SPRINGS:

  1. Consistency and Tunability: Eibach BUMP-SPRINGS are engineered to offer a more consistent and tunable solution compared to standard elastomer, poly, or rubber bump stops. This design aims to provide superior performance and predictability in various racing scenarios.

  2. Compact Size and Maximized Travel: These springs are compactly sized yet offer maximized travel, making them an ideal fit for both pavement and dirt series racing, ensuring optimal performance in various racing environments.

  3. Bump Spring Caps Sold Separately: The bump spring caps are sold separately based on shock shaft diameter, offering adaptability to different setups and configurations.

  4. Maximum Travel with Repeatable Performance: Designed to deliver maximum travel in all rates while remaining resistant to block and sag, ensuring consistent and repeatable performance under racing conditions.

  5. Improves Aero Efficiency, Grip, and Control: Utilizing these bump springs can enhance a vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency and aid in improving grip and control, especially when the vehicle is pushed to its performance limits.

  6. Manufactured by Eibach in the U.S.A: Produced in the United States by Eibach, ensuring high manufacturing standards and quality control processes.

  7. Limitless Tuning Options: These bump springs offer racers limitless tuning options, particularly beneficial for "soft spring" applications in both dirt and pavement racing, allowing for fine-tuning suspension setups according to specific racing needs.

In summary, Eibach BUMP-SPRINGS are designed to offer superior consistency, tunability, and performance compared to standard bump stops. They provide maximized travel, resist block and sag, enhance aerodynamic efficiency, and offer limitless tuning options, catering to the demands of both pavement and dirt series racing.