Eibach Bump Spring - 2.25in L / 1.36in ID / 75 lbs/in

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  • SKU 0225.200.0075

The Eibach BUMP-SPRINGS offer various features designed for consistent and tunable performance:

  1. Compatibility with Shock Shaft Diameter: Bump Spring Caps are available separately, tailored to fit different shock shaft diameters, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

  2. Maximized Travel with Consistent Performance: Provides maximum travel across all rates, resisting block and sag tendencies. This ensures reliable and repeatable performance under varying conditions.

  3. Enhanced Aero Efficiency, Grip, and Control: The use of these bump springs can improve aerodynamic efficiency, enhance grip levels, and deliver better control, especially at the limits of performance.

  4. Manufactured by Eibach in the U.S.A.: Ensures high-quality manufacturing standards and reliability, with the springs being made in the United States.

  5. Ideal for Dirt and Pavement Racing: Offers extensive tuning possibilities for both dirt and pavement racing applications with "soft spring" requirements, allowing for fine adjustments and optimized performance.