Eibach Bump Spring - 2.25in L / 1.36in ID / 350 lbs/in

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  • SKU 0225.200.0350

Eibach's Bump Spring is a precision-engineered component designed to provide a more consistent and tunable solution compared to standard elastomer, poly, or rubber bump stops. This compact yet highly efficient bump spring is well-suited for both pavement and dirt series racing applications, offering maximum travel in all rates with repeatable performance.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Design: The Bump Spring is designed to offer limitless tuning options, especially for "soft spring" setups commonly used in dirt and pavement racing. This customization allows racers to fine-tune their suspension systems for optimal performance on various track surfaces.

  • Bump Spring Caps (Sold Separately): To accommodate different shock shaft diameters, Bump Spring Caps are sold separately. This modularity allows users to choose the appropriate caps based on their specific shock setup.

  • Maximum Travel with Repeatable Performance: The design of the Bump Spring ensures maximum travel in all rates while maintaining repeatable performance. This is crucial for consistent handling and control, particularly in racing scenarios where precise suspension behavior is essential.

  • Block and Sag Resistant: The Bump Spring is engineered to be resistant to block and sag, contributing to its reliability and consistent performance under different racing conditions.

  • Enhanced Aero Efficiency, Grip, and Control: By using the Bump Spring, racers can experience increased aero efficiency, grip, and control at the limit. These advantages are crucial for achieving optimal performance and handling during high-speed racing.

  • Made By Eibach in the U.S.A.: Eibach emphasizes that the Bump Spring is manufactured in the United States, underscoring the brand's commitment to quality and performance.

Note: It's important to pair the Bump Spring with the appropriate Bump Spring Caps for compatibility with the shock shaft diameter. The modular design allows for a high degree of customization, making it suitable for a wide range of racing setups and preferences.