Eibach Bump Spring - 2.25in L / 1.36in ID

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  • SKU 0225.200.0050

The features of Eibach BUMP-SPRINGS are as follows:

  1. Consistency and Tunability: Designed to provide a more consistent and tunable solution compared to standard elastomer, polyurethane, or rubber bump stops, offering improved performance and adjustability.

  2. Compact Size and Maximum Travel: Compact size combined with maximum travel makes them well-suited for pavement and dirt series racing, ensuring efficient use of space while providing ample suspension travel.

  3. Separate Bump Spring Caps: Bump Spring Caps are available separately and are selected based on shock shaft diameter, allowing for customization according to specific shock setups.

  4. Maximum Travel in All Rates with Repeatable Performance: Provides maximum travel across all rates with consistent and repeatable performance, resistant to blockage or sagging issues.

  5. Enhanced Performance: Helps increase aerodynamic efficiency, grip, and control, especially at the limit of the vehicle's capabilities, contributing to better performance in racing scenarios.

  6. Manufactured by Eibach in the U.S.A.: Made by Eibach in the United States, ensuring high-quality manufacturing standards and precision.

  7. Tuning Options for Dirt and Pavement Racers: Offers extensive tuning options, particularly beneficial for "soft spring" dirt and pavement racing setups, providing versatility and adaptability to various track conditions.