Eibach 29mm RearAnti-Roll Kit for 2019+ Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX Turbo R

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  • SKU E40-212-008-01-01

Eibach's 29mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit, designed for the 2019+ Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX Turbo R, is a performance-oriented upgrade that enhances stability, reduces body roll, and improves overall grip. This kit is part of Eibach's UTV suspension components lineup, offering a reliable solution for UTV enthusiasts seeking an elevated driving experience.

Key Features:

  • Improved Stability: The UTV Anti-Roll Kit is engineered to enhance vehicle stability, providing UTV enthusiasts with improved control and handling characteristics. The reduction in body roll contributes to a more enjoyable and controlled driving experience.

  • Reduced Body Roll: The kit achieves reduced body roll through increased design stiffness compared to the stock sway bar. This design enhancement is crucial for maintaining better composure during turns and uneven terrain, especially in off-road driving conditions.

  • Engineered to Complement PRO-UTV Spring System: The Anti-Roll Kit is meticulously designed to perfectly complement each PRO-UTV Spring System by Eibach. This ensures a harmonious integration with other suspension components, resulting in a well-balanced and optimized UTV suspension system.

  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware and Bushings Included: The kit comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and bushings, simplifying the installation process. This comprehensive package provides users with the components needed for a seamless upgrade to their UTV's suspension system.

  • Made in U.S.A.: Eibach's commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that the Rear Anti-Roll Kit is manufactured in the United States. This ensures that the kit meets stringent quality standards and benefits from Eibach's expertise in performance suspension components.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Eibach stands behind the durability and performance of its Rear Anti-Roll Kit with a lifetime warranty. This warranty underscores the brand's confidence in the longevity and reliability of the product.

Note: The Rear Sway Bar included in the kit is tubular and 2-way adjustable, allowing users to fine-tune their UTV's suspension to suit different driving conditions and preferences. As with all UTV components, fitment, height, and warranties are not guaranteed for unlisted applications. Users are advised to check compatibility before installation.