Eibach 25mm Rear Anti-Roll-Kit for 08-09 Mitsubishi EVO X (Incl. MR)

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  • SKU 6049.312

Improve the stability and performance of your 2008-2009 Mitsubishi EVO X (Incl. MR) with the Eibach 25mm Rear Anti-Roll-Kit. This ANTI-ROLL-KIT is designed to elevate your vehicle's dynamics by reducing body roll, increasing grip, and delivering a performance-tuned handling experience.

Key Features:

  • Performance Tuned Handling: The Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit is engineered to provide performance-tuned handling, allowing you to experience improved control and responsiveness during various driving conditions.

  • Reduce Body Roll: Further reduce body roll, enhancing stability and cornering capabilities. This kit is designed to optimize the balance between comfort and performance.

  • Precision Engineered: Precision-engineered for compatibility with PRO-KIT & SPORTLINE Performance Lowering Spring Kits, ensuring seamless integration for a well-rounded suspension upgrade.

  • Compatibility with Eibach Systems: This kit is part of the Eibach PRO-PLUS, PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS, SPORT-PLUS & SPORT-SYSTEM-PLUS, providing a comprehensive solution for those seeking a complete suspension upgrade.

  • Three-Way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar: The rear sway bar is tubular and 3-way adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your suspension settings to match your driving preferences and conditions.

  • Million-Mile Warranty: Drive with confidence knowing that your investment is protected by Eibach's Million-Mile Warranty, reflecting the durability and quality of their products.

Note: Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and fitment. Verify compatibility with your specific Mitsubishi EVO X model and suspension setup based on the provided product details. Please note that fitment is not guaranteed for unlisted applications.