Eibach 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit for 16-17 Honda Civic Sedan 1.5L

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  • SKU E40-40-036-01-01

Improve the stability and performance of your 16-17 Honda Civic Sedan 1.5L with the Eibach 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit. As part of the Suspension collection, this kit is designed to increase stability, reduce body roll, and enhance overall vehicle dynamics.

Key Features:

Performance Tuned Handling: Elevate your driving experience with performance-tuned handling. The Eibach 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit enhances responsiveness, providing a more controlled and agile feel on the road.

Further Reduce Body Roll: Experience reduced body roll with the precision-engineered 22mm rear anti-roll bar. Enjoy improved cornering capabilities and a heightened sense of stability, especially during spirited driving.

Precision Engineered for PRO-KIT & SPORTLINE Performance Lowering Spring Kits: The Eibach Rear Anti-Roll Kit is precisely engineered to complement the PRO-KIT and SPORTLINE Performance Lowering Spring Kits. Achieve optimal performance and handling by integrating these components.

Part of the Eibach PRO-PLUS, PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS, SPORT-PLUS & SPORT-SYSTEM-PLUS: Integrate the 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit into your Eibach suspension system. This kit is compatible with the PRO-PLUS, PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS, SPORT-PLUS, and SPORT-SYSTEM-PLUS setups, providing versatility and customization options.

Million-Mile Warranty: Drive with confidence, backed by Eibach's Million-Mile Warranty. The 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability for your Honda Civic Sedan.

Enhance your driving dynamics and conquer every curve with the Eibach 22mm Rear Anti-Roll Kit. Reduce body roll, increase stability, and enjoy improved vehicle performance.