Eibach 2020+ Toyota Supra Front & Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit

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  • SKU E40-82-089-01-11

Certainly, here are the features of Eibach's ANTI-ROLL-KIT:

  1. Enhanced Vehicle Dynamics: Eibach's ANTI-ROLL-KIT improves stability and reduces body roll, which leads to better vehicle dynamics and overall performance.

  2. Performance Tuned Handling: The kit provides performance-tuned handling, enhancing the vehicle's responsiveness and control during maneuvers.

  3. Precision Engineering: Specifically engineered to complement PRO-KIT & SPORTLINE Performance Lowering Spring Kits, ensuring precise fitment and optimized performance.

  4. Part of Eibach Performance Systems: It's integrated into various performance systems like PRO-PLUS, PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS, SPORT-PLUS & SPORT-SYSTEM-PLUS, enhancing their capabilities.

  5. Durable Construction: Comes with a Million-Mile Warranty, highlighting its quality build and long-term reliability.

  6. Adjustable Sway Bars: The front sway bar is Tubular and 3 Way-Adjustable, offering flexibility in tuning according to preferences. The rear sway bar is Solid and 3 Way-Adjustable, allowing further customization.

  7. Note on Fitment: The manufacturer doesn't guarantee fitment, height, or warranties on unlisted applications, emphasizing the importance of confirming compatibility before installation.