Eibach 2.75in ID Coupling Spacer

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The features of Eibach's HELPER Springs are:

  1. Spring Position Maintenance: Designed with a flat-wire design to minimize interference with the main spring rate and travel, ensuring the maintenance of the spring position during full suspension droop.
  2. Prevents Unloading of Main Spring: Keeps the primary/main spring seated even when the suspension is unloaded, aiding in maintaining stability and reducing potential issues that may arise from full extension.
  3. Compatibility: Available for a wide range of popular spring diameters, offering flexibility in application across various suspension setups.
  4. Individual Testing: Each spring is individually tested, ensuring quality and consistency in performance.
  5. Flat Spring Wire Design: Utilizes flat spring wire to maximize suspension travel while minimizing the block height, optimizing the suspension setup for enhanced performance.