Eibach 19-21 Toyota Corolla 2.0L Hatchback Anti-Roll Kit - Front (29mm)

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  • SKU E40-82-087-01-10

The Eibach Anti-Roll Kit designed for the 2019-2021 Toyota Corolla 2.0L Hatchback is a front sway bar system engineered to enhance stability, reduce body roll, and improve overall vehicle dynamics and performance. This anti-roll kit is an integral part of Eibach's suspension solutions, offering performance-tuned handling for enthusiasts seeking an upgraded driving experience.

Key Features:

  • Performance Tuned Handling: The Anti-Roll Kit is crafted to provide performance-tuned handling, enhancing the vehicle's responsiveness and agility during cornering and maneuvers.

  • 29mm Tubular Front Sway Bar: The kit includes a 29mm tubular front sway bar, a key component in reducing body roll and improving grip for a more controlled and enjoyable driving experience.

  • Three-Way Adjustable: The front sway bar is three-way adjustable, allowing for fine-tuning to meet specific driving preferences or track conditions.

  • Precision Engineering: Eibach's precision engineering ensures that the Anti-Roll Kit seamlessly integrates with Eibach PRO-KIT, SPORTLINE, and other performance lowering spring kits.

  • Part of Eibach PRO-PLUS & SPORT-PLUS Systems: This kit is part of Eibach's PRO-PLUS and SPORT-PLUS systems, delivering a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts looking to optimize both suspension and handling characteristics.

  • Million-Mile Warranty: Eibach stands behind the quality and durability of their products with a million-mile warranty, providing peace of mind to customers.

Note: It's important to mention that the front sway bar is tubular and three-way adjustable, contributing to the kit's versatility and the ability to fine-tune the suspension to specific driving preferences or conditions. Additionally, Eibach does not guarantee fitment, height, or warranties on unlisted applications. Users are encouraged to refer to Eibach's recommendations for proper fitment and application.