Eibach 06-08 Civic Si Coupe / 07-08 Civic Si Sedan / 06-08 Civic excluding Hybrid 19mm Rear Anti-Rol

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Certainly! Here are the features of Eibach's ANTI-ROLL-KIT:

  1. Increased Stability: Engineered to enhance vehicle stability, minimize body roll, and improve grip, ultimately leading to superior vehicle dynamics and overall performance.

  2. Performance Tuned Handling: This kit is designed to fine-tune the handling characteristics of the vehicle, enabling more precise and responsive control. It aims to improve agility and maneuverability, especially during demanding driving conditions.

  3. Further Reduction of Body Roll: By reducing body roll, the kit contributes to better handling, providing a more controlled driving experience, particularly during cornering and high-speed maneuvers.

  4. Precision Engineered for Compatibility: Specifically crafted to work seamlessly with the PRO-KIT & SPORTLINE Performance Lowering Spring Kits by Eibach. This ensures compatibility and optimized performance when used in conjunction with these systems.

  5. Part of Eibach's Performance Packages: An integral component of the Eibach PRO-PLUS, PRO-SYSTEM-PLUS, SPORT-PLUS & SPORT-SYSTEM-PLUS packages, which offer comprehensive solutions for enhancing vehicle performance.

  6. Million-Mile Warranty: Supported by a Million-Mile Warranty, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in the durability and longevity of the product.

Note on Rear Sway Bar: The rear sway bar included in this kit is solid and 2-way adjustable. This feature allows adjustments in stiffness, providing flexibility to fine-tune the suspension according to specific driving preferences or road conditions. For non-Si Civic models, a rear hardware kit (4031.312HKR) is required for installation.

Important Note on Compatibility: The manufacturer does not guarantee fitment, height adjustments, or warranties for applications not explicitly listed. Verifying compatibility with your specific vehicle model and associated components before installation is crucial for optimal performance and safety.

In summary, Eibach's ANTI-ROLL-KIT aims to enhance stability, reduce body roll, and improve vehicle dynamics and performance. Understanding the adjustability of the rear sway bar and ensuring compatibility with your vehicle are essential for successful installation and performance optimization.