Cusco Zero-3G Tarmac Spec (No Upper Mounts/Springs) Mitsubishi Evo X CZ4A Coilover Shocks

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  • SKU 566 64C SB0

This suspension coilover kit is designed with full adjustable ride height feature which retains full shock stroke length and spring preload.

The inverted shock is made from light weight aluminum and features a mono-tube 24-step adjustable damper. The large piston internal valving along combined with increased spring rates are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with race compound tires (R-compounds, Slicks). The inverted damper prevents external elements from entering the shock casing and retains structural rigidity for added stress loads applied to the coilover.

CUSTOM MADE PER ORDER: Targeted for competitive tarmac rally and gymkhana, the ZERO 3G features fully customized damper setting and stroke length to your desired specification. The 24 way shock absorber is an inverted layout that is full height adjustable to enable maximum stroke. Springs and upper mounts are sold separately since many variations are available to cater to each type of motorsport regulation and driver preference.

Please specify shock absorber valving, spring length, spring rate, type of pillowball upper mount when ordering.


  • Custom suspension made per order
  • 24 way rebound high comp. mono-tube shock
  • Large piston valve designed exclusively for tarmac
  • Inverted shock design
  • Full height adjustable structure
  • Precision cut shock case thread with special coating
  • Vehicle specific bracket made to handle G forces
  • Exceeds over 500 hours of elemental testing standards