Cusco Subaru Legacy BP5 Non-Adj Rear Pillowball Upper Mount (For Use ONLY w/ ID60 Springs)

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  • SKU 684 421 A60

The Cusco Subaru Legacy BP5 Non-Adj Rear Pillowball Upper Mount is an optimized suspension piece for Subaru Legacy BP5 models when they're fitted with ID60 springs. You can expect improved steering response, handling on bumps and corners, stability while corner braking, and safety as this mount gives you better control to stay on your intended line. It features a sturdy 6mm 2017S duralumin plate, plus a variety of pillow collars for more customization.

Key Features:

  1. Compatibility: This rear pillowball upper mount is specifically engineered for Subaru Legacy BP5 models.

  2. Non-Adjustable: Unlike some suspension mounts that offer adjustability, this particular mount is non-adjustable, providing a fixed configuration.

  3. Designed for ID60 Springs: It is crucial to use this mount in conjunction with ID60 springs. This ensures optimal compatibility and performance.

The Cusco Non-Adjustable Rear Pillowball Upper Mount is a precision-engineered component designed to enhance the suspension system's performance in Subaru Legacy BP5 models. When installing this component, ensure proper compatibility and consult with a professional mechanic or tuner if needed for proper setup and adjustment.