Cusco Sport G Gymkhana/Gravel Spec GRB/GVB Subaru FR-No Upper Mount RR-Pillow Upper/No Springs

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By Cusco

The Cusco Sport G Gymkhana/Gravel Spec for GRB/GVB Subaru is a specialized suspension system designed for Gymkhana and Gravel applications in Subaru models with chassis codes GRB (Impreza WRX STI sedan) and GVB (Impreza WRX STI hatchback).

Key Features:

  1. Application: Specifically designed for Gymkhana and Gravel driving conditions, this suspension system is optimized for performance in these environments.

  2. Upper Mounts: The front suspension includes an FR-No Upper Mount, while the rear suspension features a RR-Pillow Upper Mount. These mounts play a crucial role in the suspension's performance and adjustability.

  3. No Springs: This kit does not include springs, which means you may need to separately source compatible springs based on your specific driving preferences and requirements.

The Cusco Sport G Gymkhana/Gravel Spec suspension is engineered to provide enhanced performance, control, and stability for Gymkhana and Gravel driving. It's essential to ensure compatibility with your specific Subaru model (GRB/GVB) before installation. Additionally, consult with a professional mechanic or tuner for proper setup and adjustment to achieve the desired performance characteristics.

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