Cusco Hyper Single Clutch Replacement FLYWHEEL ONLY (For 667 022 HP) Subaru GVB/GRB/GDB STi

SKU: 00C 022 FH08
$642.60 $714.00
By Cusco

The Cusco Hyper Single Clutch Replacement Flywheel is a precision-engineered component designed exclusively for Subaru models GVB, GRB, and GDB STi. This flywheel is crafted to perfectly complement the 667 022 HP clutch, providing enhanced performance and responsiveness. Elevate your clutch system's capabilities with this high-quality replacement flywheel from Cusco, tailored for Subaru GVB, GRB, and GDB STi models. Please note that this product includes only the flywheel and does not include the clutch or other components.