Cusco Clutch Twin Plate Metal System Clutch Cover Subaru GDB/GRB/VAB (for 667 022 TP Clutch)

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  • SKU 00C 022 CM03

The Cusco Clutch Twin Plate Metal System Clutch Cover is specifically engineered for Subaru models GDB, GRB, and VAB. It is designed to work seamlessly with the 667 022 TP Clutch, offering superior performance and durability. Elevate your clutch system's capabilities with this high-quality metal clutch cover from Cusco, tailored for Subaru GDB, GRB, and VAB models.

Manufacturer: Cusco Japan
Product Type: Twin Disk Clutch

Cusco's Twin Plate Clutch Systems are designed to hold monster power for street and competition use.
The kits come with lightweight chromoly flywheel and pressure plates perfectly balanced to the inner disks. Made from heavy duty steel & billet components, as well as the specially blended high friction clutch compound.

Twin Metal Clutch System - For high horsepower applications with a direct and responsive feel

Used in professional competition, this twin metal unit features great controllability especially during half clutch engagement. The specially designed diaphragms contribute to the soft pedal feel, enabling unmatched clutch pedal control.
Heat Resistant
Highly heat resistant with low wear rate. A carbon infused clutch disk is matched with a ventilated type of center plate for stabile performance at any given heat range.
A Pull type conversion is available depending on vehicle application and is 100% bolt on. *Pull & Push type clutch systems depends on vehicle application.