Cusco 91-99 Toyota MR2 Rear Pillowball Upper Mount SW20 (For 60mm ID Springs)

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  • SKU 137 421 A60
Cusco Pillowball Upper Mounts offer superior control and stability under acceleration, braking and cornering. The center lock and camber adjustable variants both improve steering response and performance. 6mm thick 2017S duralumin plates provide increased stability and security, allowing for precise cornering and unrivalled straight line stability even over bumps and at high speeds. Adjustable types allow for camber adjustments. Equipped with reinforced 2017S duralumin plates, Cusco Pillowball Upper Mounts offer up to 6mm of stability for superior control on any road surface. With center lock and camber adjustable variants for enhanced steering response, these mounts will help you take on any terrain with confidence and precision.
  • Improves steering response and performance
  • Increases stability over bumps and high-speed corners
  • Increases stability and safety under corner braking


  •  91-99 Toyota MR2