Bride Cusco A.i.R +C Low-Max (Non-FIA APPROVED) - Silver / Black Suede Seat

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The Bride Cusco A.i.R +C Low-Max (Non-FIA Approved) is a high-performance racing seat designed for enthusiasts seeking both comfort and support during spirited driving. This particular variant comes in a Silver/Black Suede finish.

Key Features:

  1. Design: The seat features a Silver/Black Suede finish, providing a sleek and sporty aesthetic that complements the interior of performance-oriented vehicles.

  2. Low-Max Design: The Low-Max design allows for a lower seating position, enhancing the driver's connection with the vehicle and improving overall driving dynamics.

  3. Non-FIA Approved: While this seat does not have FIA approval, it is still suitable for high-performance driving on the streets and non-competitive track use.

  4. Custom Logo: The seat comes with a CUSCO logo on the headrest, adding a touch of branding and authenticity.

*Please note that Cusco did not release official pictures of the actual seat, but it is identical to the one pictured with the CUSCO logo on the headrest.

The Bride Cusco A.i.R +C Low-Max seat is designed to offer both style and performance for driving enthusiasts looking to enhance their driving experience.