A'PEXi Power Intake Kit - Mazda RX-7 FD3S 93-95

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  • SKU 507-Z001

"The Power Intake is the ultimate air filter designed to generate maximum horsepower. Racing machines utilize the side surfaces to optimize air flow, but often neglect the center portion of the funnel. The Dual Funnel design utilizes a primary funnel on the top of the air cleaner to redirect air flow directly into the lower funnels at the base. This design, originally a success on the Super Intake model, has been further improved in the Power Intake with a new funnel design, advanced element material, and optimized air flow channeling. By using a highly durable injected resin material for both the upper and lower funnels, engineers have been able to create the perfect funnel shape, impossible to achieve with traditional stainless steel. The funnel shapes are specifically designed to increase air speed without changing the direction of air flow. The result is a high-speed and seamless flow of air into the intake. The carefully engineered 14 degree curve of the lower funnel maximizes efficiency, while also being positioned closer to the base of the cleaner
The new Power Intake incorporates a layer filter made of dry density fibers, significantly improving the element density and providing maximum protection against foreign materials entering the engine. Additionally, its ventilation resistance has been reduced by approximately 10% (pressure loss) for even better performance and protection compared to past models. The Power Intake's dry-type filter makes it trouble-free, eliminating issues commonly associated with wet type cleaners, such as oil buildup in the air flow meter. Maintenance is minimal, with low cost filter replacement only necessary when needed.

- Air filter with minimal air-flow restriction
- Dual funnel filter system minimizes intake turbulence

Bolt-On Yes
Part Number - 507-Z001
Year - 1993, 1994, 1995
Make Mazda
Body Style RX-7
Engine - 13B-REW
Chassis - FD3S
Power Intake Replacement P/N - 500-A024 x 2
Notes ***Off-Road Use Only***
WARNING: California Prop 65
Cancer & Reproductive Harm