Advan GT 19x11.0 +45 5-130 Machining & Racing Hyper Black Wheel

$1,209.00 $1,273.00
By Advan

The ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version, initially as a 20-inch R35GTR offering, now comes in 19-inch, 18-inch and 21-inch sizes to accommodate a broader variety of vehicles. The ADVAN Racing GT logos are 3D-machined on the spokes, with both the logos and the included stickers providing a luxurious finish. The 20-inch and 18-inch wheel rims are knurled to optimize tire grip.


  • Finish: Hyper Black
  • Size: 19x11
  • PCD: 5x130
  • Offset: 45


  • The knurling process (an anti-tire slip feature) is adopted for all sizes of wheels.
  • Capless Design, but ADVAN Racing center cap sold separately.
  • Images are for marketing purpose only, actual product may vary
  • Wheel is priced individually.